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Case Studies

Transforming Brands

Listen to stories from Acira Group customers and how we have helped transform their organizations to increase sales and improve stakeholder relations.

Acira Group has worked with businesses and not-for-profit organizations across many industries, and we maintain a curated list of case studies showing the challenges our clients have faced and the solutions we implemented to help drive success and deliver on their mission.

The Neighborhood in Rio Rancho

Learn how Acira Group helped a new LifeCare community in Rio Rancho design an online presence that helped them successfully fill occupancy, as well as maintain state licensing for their Assisted Living services.

Albuquerque Journal

Learn how Acira Group helped a premier New Mexico news and publishing firm deliver a rewards program that enabled consumers to connect with local businesses and receive discounts. After a successful rollout and gaining strong traction, the Journal Rewards program is still in operation today.

Health Action New Mexico

Learn how Acira Group helped a non-profit foundation transform their online marketing efforts with a rebranded online presence that helped them reach deeper into the community and build lasting ties that enabled them to deliver on their mission: affect policy change in the state of New Mexico and provide consumer education to benefit margionalized people groups.