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Many not-for-profit organizations experience challenges satisfying stakeholders, including board members, donors, customers and community members.

Acira Group has a strong track record of working with non-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Whether your organization is new and needs to set up an online presence or is well established, we can help reach your goals and satisfy your stakeholdrs.

Consultation Services

Building or transforming your online presence takes time and expertise. Many organizations struggle to build a suitable RFP and process proposals. Additional stakeholders such as grantmakers and donors need to be satisfied with due diligence and timely updates.

Acira Group provides free consulting† to not-for-profit organizations at all levels of a project lifecycle, from grant writing to RFP consultation.

In focus: Health Action New Mexico (HANM)

In health care, the regulatory and insurance landscape changes fast, and organizations need to adapt quickly to continue fulfilling their mission. When HANM realigned their organization to meet stakeholder requirements, they turned to us for consultation on building an RFP, and ultimately chose Acira Group to build their new online property.

The new HANM website and marketing strategy helped them reach new markets, satisfy stakeholders, and successfully affect policy change in the state of New Mexico to benefit marginalized people groups.

Building a Community

To successfully fulfil their mission, many not-for-profit organizations build a community around their story and shared values. Brand engagement is a new and highly important part of many organizations’ strategic planning efforts, with a strong focus on creating greater social impact and community cohesion.

Acira Group recognizes this challenge, and we carefully choose the technologies that will power your organization, transforming the way you can engage your audience online and across your organization.

† Limited free consultation services available and not all organizations or projects qualify. Contact us for details.