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In focus: Gold and Silver Exchange

Surviving in a competitive market can be difficult for brick-and-mortar businesses. When Gold and Silver Exchange (GSE) wanted to increase their customer base and drive engagement and boost sales, they came to us for help. Acira Group built a marketing strategy that included digital marketing, modernized web presence, in-store print material and video content. By integrating this with existing TV and traditional advertising channels, GSE achieved dramatic growth and delivered on stakeholder satisfaction.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Organizations face challenges with integrating campaigns across a modern landscape of marketing channels, platforms and media. Including a comprehensive digital marketing strategy should be a key component of every marketing campaign, and Acira Group can help. By choosing effective channels to engage your target audience and integrating this with your existing marketing efforts, we can help drive traffic and boost sales.

Tracking Results

Every marketing strategy should include a cycle of feedback, improvement and implementation to continually increase effectiveness and provide a high return on investment. Acira Group can help by setting up metrics collection points, building and providing reports, updating and improving marketing strategies and implementing new changes.