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In a world where the average web user visits 2,646 websites every month, it is important to differentiate your organization. Simply having a website is no longer good enough. Online success is determined largely by creating tractable marketing strategies and conversion based designs with split testing models.

Acira Group redesigned the Albuquerque Journal subscription offering, and split testing helped them increase conversions.

Design Iterations With Split Testing

Sometimes defining a set of design parameters that will be successful to your target mission years from now is not possible. In these instances we can provide split testing, in which we design one or multiple versions and test them against your target demographic. The metrics we collect will help narrow down what your final design should look like to achieve maximal impact.

Mobile First Methodology

Smartphone use in the US has seen a significant increase since the early days of mobile adoption, and with an estimated 285 million americans using smartphones in 20231, mobile visitors already eclipse desktop and tablet visitors across many industries and markets.

Acira Group uses a “Mobile First” methodology, in which we design for mobile visitors first, then tablet and desktop. In this way, we can help capture and convert on leads wherever they are, and integrate your web presence with other marketing channels such as print advertising.

Accessibility & ADA

When architecting a website, it’s important to simplify. Ease of access to relevant information should be a priority, for both unimpaired and impaired visitors alike. Search engines also factor in accessibility, giving higher rankings for websites that follow accessibility guidelines.

At a basic level, the ADA act of 1990 still serves as a foundation for designing accessible content, while the comprehensive design standards guidebook released more recently (2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design) are more relevant than ever for the modern web.

In focus: Haverland Carter LifeStyle Group

When building accessible retirement communities, compliance with state and federal regulations is paramount to success. Haverland Carter LifeStyle Group (HCLG) is no exception, and they turned to us to provide accessible web services for the communities they serve and prospective customers. Acira Group built on modified open source technologies and incorporated human testing from actual visually impaired individuals to fine-tune content presentation, increasing stakeholder satisfaction and helping reach marketing goals.

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