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Delivering Realtime Content

Organizations have often struggled with the challenge of delivering accurate information and content to consumers, stakeholders and employees. Realtime software addresses this challenge by ensuring everyone has access to the latest content, messaging and information services in real-time, ensuring consistency of service as well as enabling a broad range of opportunities and possibilities that didn’t exist with traditional software. Instant communication and team collaboration are now basic requirements in many software specs, and Acira Group has built tailored solutions across many realtime applications.

AI and Smart Software

Acira Group can help build software using artificial intelligence to actively improve user experience and efficiency while reducing cost and overhead. Speech recognition and smart suggestions are common forms of AI-powered software that can improve your application effectiveness. We have also worked with IBM Watson to bring cutting-edge AI tools to software applications.

Integrating with Traditional Software

Legacy software has always struggled with providing real-time content, and our team of consultants has often integrated modern solutions with existing traditional API endpoints, extending the lifespan of legacy software as well as providing immediate solutions to a dynamic audience.