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Understanding Your Users

Building software that matches user requirements can be challenging, and even the best strategy following market research will need continual improvement. Acira Group can help set up metrics that track what your users are doing and gain insight into how your software helps them accomplish their tasks and achieve their goals, which we use to adjust software requirements to better meet their needs. By understanding your target audience, you can drastically increase usage and effectiveness.

Tracking Effectiveness

After understanding your users and building software that meets their needs, we can fine-tune software requirements to increase effectiveness. Delivering useful information at the right time, improving time spent on tasks and automating repetitive processes can help increase efficiency and drive ROI.

Improving Reliability

By tracking hardware performance, we can fine-tune server and hosting options to provide better reliability and speed while cutting cost by using auto-scaling and load balancing technologies that better match usage requirements. Learn more about AG Managed Cloud services to see how Acira Group can help.

In focus: WAVE Volunteer Economy

Transforming an idea into reality can be difficult and discouraging. When WAVE wanted to build a new software tool around a shared volunteer pool, they came to Acira Group for help. We created a development strategy and performed market research to build product specifications as well as prototype software. After successfully testing and deploying the tools and services to the target audience, we used ongoing metrics and live feedback collection to better understand how to create a broader impact.