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Keeping up-to-date with the latest regulatory burdens and ensuring compliance across IT services is challenging for many organizations. The AG Managed Cloud is designed to handle all that for you, reducing management overhead and protecting your organization against data breaches and legal consequences.

Securing private data is important to us, as well as protecting marketing assets so they can keep working for you without interruptions. Our cloud servers use automation to perform security patching and monitor intrusion attempts so we can respond in real-time, keeping your organization safe.

Anti-Hacking Lock Down

We take attacks very seriously. When hackers targeted one of our clients, they discovered a set of security measures that prevented intrusion, limiting the amount of access they gained and protecting private information. Within minutes, we recieved an automated security notice, neutralized the threat and ensured our client could continue operation without interruptions.

HIPAA Best Practices

Organizations in the health and wellness industry have additional regulatory burdens, and we recognize the need for cloud services and a team of experts that understands and complies with state and federal regulation.

At Acira Group, our team has extensive experience working under HIPAA guidelines, and our in-house team members have all completed HIPAA privacy training from reputable leaders. The infrastructure we use and data protection policies will ensure compliance and can help ease your regulatory burden.

Data Security With Managed Backups

We understand that mission-critical cloud based software and websites cannot afford to lose data, and that’s why we use automated daily backups and store data across disaster zones. In addition, we manually process and update an externally located doomsday backup copy periodically so regardless of what happens, your organization can keep delivering on your mission.