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Marketing on social media can help you connect with your audience, build your brand image and drive website traffic. A successful marketing strategy should include creating and promoting meaningful content, engaging your audience, and using metrics and analytics to continually improve.

Creating a Brand Cult

It can be challenging to consistently develop and publish meaningful content. By understanding and listening to your audience, measuring results and taking action to constantly improve and tailor content, you can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your social marketing efforts. Acira Group consultants can help build a social media publishing plan, develop content standards and guidelines that address your target audience, and use metrics to make improvements.


Consumers expect consistent and meaningful content at the right time. To achieve this, marketing automation tools use a combination of scheduling and metrics to deliver content across platforms and address this need. Acira Group can help set up automation, or entirely manage and produce content using experienced in-house copywriters and content creators.

Integration into a Marketing Strategy

As just one component of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, social media can help support your broader marketing efforts. By combining and linking digital advertising, social media and publishing with your website, you can drive traffic, engagement and ultimately improve ROI. For not-for-profits, building a community around your brand can help you gain traction and more effectively deliver on your mission.