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Building a marketing strategy with digital ad campaigns is important to every successful marketing plan, and managing active ad campaigns is just as important. Take advantage of the latest opportunities in advertising, while focusing ad spend on the most effective channels.

Performance Based Campaigns

Developing a cost effective ad campaign can be challenging; trial runs, split testing and constantly improving parameters are integral to achieving success. By actively managing campaigns, Acira Group can help limit spending while driving visitor engagement and ultimately improve ROI.

Digital Advertising Opportunities

There are many ad platforms and channels to choose from, and Acira Group has experience across a broad range of digital ad services, from Google to Facebook and more. As part of a digital marketing strategy, we will help choose the channels that make most sense in your industry and target market.

Social Advertising

Running ad campaigns on social networks such as Facebook is increasingly important and can bolster other social marketing strategies to drive visitors and likes on pages, events and more. Acira Group can set up and manage campaigns that address your target market, providing a cost effective solution that can see real measurable results.