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Auto-Scaling and Growth Management

For large software deployments or high-volume public websites, we will work with you to develop a growth strategy and build an infrastructure ecosystem to support your deployment with auto-scaling and load balancing to ensure your property remains accessible, regardless of demand.

Rock Solid Reliability

We use proactive monitoring tools to spot areas of concern before they become issues. However, sometimes unexpected drops or software crashes can happen, and we use multiple automated monitoring tools to identify and resolve issues with little or no downtime.

This means your websites and software will always be reachable and fast. If software or websites ever do go down, our response time is around 60 seconds — and within minutes we will have your software issues resolved and restore connectivity.

Google Search Monitoring

Search engines constantly monitor websites for potentially malicious or hazardous software code, device compatibility and hacking activity, and can demote or even remove websites from search results without warning.

Using tools provided by Google, Acira Group constantly monitors search engine indexing and compatibility reports. This enables us to react instantly to areas of concern and ensure your website and marketing presence stays at peak performance and the highest possible search rankings.