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In focus: Blue Sky Distributors

Selling wholesale can be challenging, and marketing to wholesale customers as business-to-business is different than traditional marketing. When Blue Sky Distributors needed software to support in-house telemarketing efforts, they turned to us for help. Acira Group built a custom software solution that enabled phone reps to effectively track opportunities and convert leads, while tracking and answering common questions to provide consistent information and quality service. As a result, sales increased and customer satisfaction improved, while important metrics helped provide better service.

Why Outsource

Many organizations around the world are recognizing that outsourcing web development is much more cost effective than hiring an in-house team. Development time and cost are greatly reduced, and the quality of work is much higher. Your business can gain a competitive edge at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a dedicated team. Your business is an industry leader. It’s time to prove it.

Every company needs to maximize value for their partners and shareholders. Companies that outsource once-off web development and design are ahead of the curve. Acira Group’s scalable custom solutions provide you with rock-solid implementations in popular technologies so that your team can maintain without a learning curve.


Cloud based software has transformed the way organizations deliver products and services, and Acira Group can help effortlessly integrate with your existing APIs and software services, creating a unified and seamless user experience.

Using Market Research

Create a software development plan with Acira Group using market research to build a tailored solution that ensures you address your target audience and deliver effective tools and services. Besides using market reports to create a software plan, we continually use split testing, feedback and user consultation to improve and update our strategy to engage your audience.