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Metrics have become more important than ever when creating a marketing strategy with a focus on results. Installing, maintaining and monitoring metrics collection should be a part of every development plan. Acira Group takes privacy and protecting visitor information very seriously and puts an emphasis on following local, state and federal regulation.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Organizations operating on a global scale experience additional challenges complying with the varied regulatory landscape around the world. In the EU, the GDPR affects how websites may collect and store user information. In addition, the ePrivacy Regulation addresses general tracking and consent.

For organizations operating in Europe, Acira Group has provided consultation and addressed these regulatory challenges to ensure compliance.

Tools & Integrations

Google Analytics has gained significant traction since it’s introduction in 2005 and is currently the most widely used web analytics service1. Acira Group has become a leader in implementation, working with organizations across many industries to harness tools such as Google Analytics to achieve their goals.

Since Acira Group builds integrated marketing strategies that use metrics to steer and track goal conversion, using multiple tracking tools for different purposes can be essential. For example, Facebook Pixel can help better track conversions on Facebook ads and build targeted audiences.

Processing Data

Processing collecting data is as important as collecting the data in the first place. Building custom reports can help better understand your visitors and make meaningful changes that affect conversions.

Acira Group has helped leading brands use analytics effectively, providing value to stakeholders and percieved value to customers.

In Focus: Mobile Riverine Force Association (MRFA)

Historical data is important for building new marketing strategies and designing new products. When MRFA came to us for an entirely new website, we used historical analytics data to determine which technologies should form the foundation for the project and help them reach their target audience effectively.

1 “Usage of traffic analysis tools for websites”, W3Techs