Security and safety


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Server security

Our main servers start out with a standard open source Linux/LAMP setup. Klaus is our security systems expert. Klaus has over 10 years of experience in securing servers and networks, having managed several large server networks at universities in Germany. We also offer secured Microsoft servers for ASP hosting. Please contact us to learn more about our exact server side security details and procedures.

Guard against attacks

Acira Group servers are guarded against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks and hackers, protecting you against groups or networks that may try to bring you down. There is still the possibility of downtime or server overload if you are not using our cloud hosting solutions. We know our stuff and can give you real, solid information.

Liability measures

Member based websites and forums can create situations where users are at risk. Without legal Terms of Use and other measures, you run the risk of legal action and lawsuits. We help you structure your website to minimize your liability. Acira Group does not offer legal advice, please consult your attorney for legal matters.