Launching without downtime


The few that inspire awe. It's time for you to join their ranks and make online reputation.

It's time to stun your audience.

Planning your startup

Starting a new venture online? We help you plan your launch. For some websites, it is important to build a user base prior to launching a full website. Or, establish a pre-launch landing page to generate the interest you need to be successful at launch. There are many ways to roll out a startup. Please consult your Acira Group representative for more information.

Smooth transition

Launching a new website in the place of a preexisting website has never been easier. Acira Group provides you with a preview domain to test your new website prior to launch. Once the new website is completed and fully operational, Acira Group redirects your domain. You will experience no down time.

Hosting your new site

Acira Group offers a variety of hosting options with many benefits. If you have your own server or have a preferred hosting provider, we can help you launch and properly set up your server or hosting configuration.