Elements of a website


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What's a website?

Every website consists of a design, code, domain name, and hosting server. And sometimes more things, like SSL certificates to keep transactions secure.

Web design

The website design is what people see. This is how you present yourself. Your reputation is at stake. Since most companies do not use an advertising agency for their website, your design is the easiest way to differentiate yourself from your competition, and grab the attention of your visitors. Your objectives and goals determine your design, copy, and presentation.

Code and development

The code is the technical side of the website. The quality of your code and development determines your load times, ease of use, reliability, security, ability to make future changes easily, and is a major contributing factor for how well you rank in search engines. Our team knows over 20 programming languages and can consult you on the best way to code your project.

Domain name

A domain name, more correctly called a uniform resource locator (URL), is the name people type in to their browser to access your website. Like aciragroup.com.

Domain names can be registered at companies such as GoDaddy, 1&1, or through an Acira Group representative.

Hosting server

A server is a special computer where your website files are stored. Good servers are located at large server farms, with many fiber optic cables connecting them at maximum speed to the world wide web, or internet.

There are different types of hosting options available to you, including shared hosting, leasing a server, and cloud hosting. An Acira Group representative can help you determine which option is best for you.