Domains & SSL: what you need to know


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Domain names

We provide domain research and registration services, to help you find the right domain name for your company. Did you know that your domain name effects your search engine optimization? With our insight into domain names, you will be better off. We can also help you build a domain portfolio, and we can keep on top of your registrations so you only experience one annual billing. Because itís practical for you.

SSL certificates

For login portals, credit card processing, and protected information, you need security. We set you up with a security SSL setup that ensures your security, and the security of your users. Our background in server security helps us provide rock solid security solutions for all types of situations. Things happen. We make sure you and your users are safe from hackers and leaks. Itís the right thing to do.

Dedicated IP

IPv4 (IP addresses) are becoming scarce, since there are a limited number and high demand. With a dedicated IP address, you are the only company using the IP. This gives you a more professional look, and is a requirement for SSL certificates (see below). It also reduces your liability in many cases. We know when itís the right call for your company, and we tell you why.