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Social Media

Popular Social Platforms

We offer social media setup and support for your business, as well as performing ongoing updates for you by request.


The Facebook platform allows businesses the ability to grow and reinforce their brand to a wide variety of users. Acira Group offers complete Facebook Business page setup, design, and training. This includes pages for your brand, small business, or website, with full page graphics design.


Much like Facebook, this relatively new social networking platform allows businesses to grow a following to reinforce their brand. Additionally, Google+ allows businesses the ability to take advantage of Google Social Search results. If someone +1’s you on Google+, you will show up higher in organic search results of their friends using Google Social Search.


Twitter is a very simple platform, that can be combined with Facebook and other social networking accounts. For example, we can set you up so your posts to Twitter automatically show up in Facebook as well, simplifying and combining items on your to do list.


YouTube is perhaps the most effective tool in social marketing. The “Viral Video” is the holy grail of social media marketing. We can help you establish a YouTube Channel, grow a following, and maybe someday hit the jackpot with a Viral Video of your own.