Solutions - Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance


Acira Group offers full service site maintenance to keep your content fresh and your visitors engaged. While we often create CMS based websites, which can be modified by our clients directly, many of our clients prefer a fool proof website that canít be destroyed unintentionally. We therefore created a Maintenance Service unlike any other: You send us updates to your website by email, or simply call us up, and we professionally update your website for you. All for a low monthly fee.

Content Changes

We can modify any text, image or other content on your website to make small updates or replace with new content.

Image Addition/Removal

We add your new images, professionally choosing placement with cropping, color correction, and resizing if needed.

Browser Compatibility Assurance

We insure your website is compatible with new versions of browsers that come out with regular testing.

Email Account Maintenance

We add/remove accounts for you, change your forwarding settings, and more.

We propose a custom package to each client, bundled with a hosting plan, based on services needed and frequency/volume of changes. Changes generally performed within 24 hours of request, although can take up to 3 business days. Pricing varies.