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Ad Management

Advertising Platforms

We offer consulting and full service campaign management for Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaigns, and pay per impression, or cost per mille (CPM) ads. Based on your objectives, advertising budget, and target demographic, we make you a proposal custom tailored to your company.

Using PPC/CPM Ad Campaigns

Once a cost effective ad campaign is achieved, along with a consistent conversion rate on your website, your company is set up to run itself. Paying for Search Engine advertising also increases your relationship with the search engine, which is good for SEO/SEM.

Most PPC and CPM ad platforms are designed for businesses with a sizable profit margin willing to invest for several months prior to seeing returns.

Acira Group PPC/CPM Experience

  • Google Ad Words
  • Yahoo! Search Marketing
  • Microsoft adCenter (formerly MSN adCenter)
  • Facebook Ads System

Acira Group specializes in creating custom packages for our clients based on target demographic, objectives, budget and more to maximize return on investment (ROI).