Site vs. app


Make an app. And a mobile website. You can now reach those who do apps, and those who don't.

Because you care.

Mobile websites

A mobile website is a fit-to-screen and size optimized version of your website, so mobile visitors have a good experience. You can automatically detect and send all visitors from mobile devices to this website, rather than to your main website. This is a great tool for converting mobile search traffic. Mobile usage is on the rise, and appealing to this market offers great ROI for small local businesses in most industries.

Mobile apps

A mobile app is a program that is downloaded onto a mobile device. Mobile apps are much more practical for systems used on a regular basis. Mobile apps are also more powerful, and can use the phone camera, GPS, and other built in phone features to create a seamless user experience. Mobile apps can also keep you logged in and save historical data. When targeting the public, mobile apps can be a hard sell. People are not very likely to download an app unless they will be using it regularly. It is important to establish ongoing value. Mobile apps can also be used for internal systems and management purposes.

What's better?

Mobile apps can be costly to create. In many cases, a mobile website can accomplish the same goals. A mobile website can be cross browser tested, so it works on all devices. A mobile website is generally a good idea if you would like to reach mobile users immediately without making them first download an app. Mobile websites are becoming increasingly powerful and popular. However, for things like accessing the phone camera and GPS, an app is a much better solution. A mobile app is more powerful, but requires more involvement and extra steps from the user to download the app prior to usage.

Acira Group makes both

There are many more factors that come into play. Sometimes, it makes sense to create both. Tell us what you are trying to do. Acira Group consultants can help you determine exactly what you need. Click the link below to get started.