Into the app stores


Make an app. And a mobile website. You can now reach those who do apps, and those who don't.

Because you care.

How to get in

Acira Group can help you get into the various app stores. Remember, you need a different version of your app for each platform.

iPhone: App Store

The iPhone App Store is the hardest to get into. All apps are closely vetted to ensure they do not interfere with any other software on the phone. If the quality of the code is poor, you may be rejected. The process to get an app approved involves properly submitting an application, paying the application fee, and waiting one or two weeks for the approval decision.

Android: Google Play

Publishing an Android app to the Google Play Store is easy, but requires many steps. There is no review process, and a published app usually becomes available within an hour. We insure your app follows the Google Play policies and agreements, and we test the code for core app quality. We also maximize your compatibility with devices, so your app will be available to most android users. Since there are hundreds of android phones, and many different versions of android, compatibility is of extreme importance when making an app for Android.

Other stores

Acira Group consultants can tell you more about the Windows Phone Store, BlackBerry App World, Ovi Store (Nokia), and other app stores. Depending on your target demographic and monetization plan, we can advise you which stores to choose, and get you into those stores.