Building an app


Make an app. And a mobile website. You can now reach those who do apps, and those who don't.

Because you care.

Learning the basics

A mobile app is a program created for a mobile device. There are many mobile platforms, and a mobile app will only run on one. Android and iOS (iPhone) make up 75% of the smart phone market share, while Windows Phone is on the rise. There are many other platforms with significantly smaller market shares. If you would like to make an app that everyone can download on any device, you would need to make a separate version of the app for each device platform. The cost adds up, and eventually you will end up prioritizing. Most companies make an app for Android and an app for iOS. We can help advise you on platform support in your industry.

Native vs. browser based apps

There are several ways to make a mobile app. The right way is to program the app in the native language of the mobile operating system (Android, iOS, etc). This creates a powerful, fast, and fun user experience. Some developers create browser based apps, which are easier and lower cost to develop. Browser based apps are basically mobile websites embedded into an app. They provide very little benefit over a mobile website. In almost all cases, Acira Group recommends a mobile website over a browser based app. We make our apps native.