Video Production

Online and offline.

Finally. A unified online and offline marketing plan. Managed by Acira Group.

Grow your sales like never before.


We help you plan your videos and create a shot list for your production. When filming at corporate locations, we often do not compile a shot list beforehand. This enables us to get creative when telling your story, and gives us an abundance of footage to work with.


Our video team uses professional dSLRs for video such as the Canon 5D Mark III. There are many benefits to using dSLR over other video cameras. Please contact an Acira Group consultant today to see if our video is a good for you. We have a professional lineup of lenses and have professional grade directional microphones for best sound, even in windy conditions or with background noise. We are set up with mobile green screen/white screen units and light boxes. Studio access available by request.