Social media

Online and offline.

Finally. A unified online and offline marketing plan. Managed by Acira Group.

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Popular platforms

Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Google+. LinkedIn. YouTube. The list keeps growing. Each platform has a unique way of reaching people. Acira Group consultants are here to help you create a strategy that works for you to maximize your exposure to your target demographic.

Social mentions

Getting people to talk about you is very rewarding. There are several key elements that will lead to an increase in social mentions. First, establishing trust with your following. Without trust, no one will share, period. Second, reinforcing your perceived value and securing your base. Neglecting your existing base or simply trying to sell them more will destroy your trust. Third, giving a reason to share. This could be posting a funny picture or video or hosting an amazing event. Acira Group can help you construct a plan. And give you more ideas.

Going viral

YouTube is a great tool. There are few businesses making videos as part of their social networking plan. This opens many doors for you to build your following and tell your story in a very unique way. It also gives you the edge when it comes to social mentions. A well done video can give people reason to share via any social media channel. This can cause a lot of social mentions, even if your video does not reach millions of views. Talk to an Acira Group consultant today to learn more on how video could fit into your marketing strategy.