Merging online & offline

Online and offline.

Finally. A unified online and offline marketing plan. Managed by Acira Group.

Grow your sales like never before.

Unified message

Is your web image aligned with your brand, and print campaigns? We help you tell a story that is uniform across all media. If you have an existing advertising agency, we work together with them to ensure your online image is aligned with your campaigns and existing brand.

Supportive use

Different media can be used together for more effect. A simple example of this is a flyer or brochure directing the viewer to visit a website or look up a QR code. The next step can be calling a phone number. Another example is TV advertisement that directs viewers to view the second part of the ad online at a special website. There are many ways to build effective marketing campaigns using different media in a supportive way.


Many potential customers will do a background check on you prior to buying. This can be done on the internet through search engines and social media, through acquaintances, possibly even through the Better Business Bureau or local Chamber of Commerce. If you do not have a website that reinforces your advertisement, you may lose out on many customers. Online reputation is a key to positive client reinforcement, and can grow your business considerably.