Marketing Basics

Online and offline.

Finally. A unified online and offline marketing plan. Managed by Acira Group.

Grow your sales like never before.

Tell your story

Everything matters. As a corporation, telling your story effectively involves reinforcing it with every detail visible to the viewer. We help you ensure the small details are not neglected, and all your marketing pieces are sending unified messages. Incorporating graphics, copy, photography, and video can help you reach a broader audience with a story that captivates.

Create perceived value

What do you want to achieve with that ad campaign you are running? In most cases, you want more customers. There are several steps involved in acquiring a customer. First, you must establish perceived value. Simply having your phone number or logo visible will not make anyone pick up the phone. It is generally a good idea to use slogans and taglines to establish perceived value.

Call to action

Once you have established perceived value, tell your audience the first step. Instead of telling your customers three steps to follow, just tell them the first one. The first one should be set up to lead to a second step, which may lead to a third step. We help you call your audience to action with bite size pieces, and set up your marketing systems to maximize effectiveness.