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What is a banner ad?

Banner ads are spaces of real estate on a website. They were more popular in the 90ís than today. Think of an online billboard. The most important aspect of any billboard is location. How many people drive by every day? What demographic? With banner ads, it is much the same way. It is essential to be very picky with which websites you rent real estate on, and your banner placement on those websites. You need to see detailed traffic reports. You need to know what demographic the traffic is from. Is it in your industry? If all is favorable, a good ad design and potentially a separate landing page can be set up.

Banner ads vs CPC

The reason banner ads are not so popular anymore is because CPC has become a more effective method of advertising. Banner ads are a good idea if you can get them at a reasonable rate on a highly trafficked website that is targeting your exact same demographic. That is quite rare, and it can be hard to verify traffic statistics that are sent to you. With search engine ads such as CPC, you can ensure you are only paying when someone clicks through to your website. You can test your campaigns a lot easier with exact statistics, and set up campaigns that work.

Pay per click banner ads

Occasionally, you will run into banner ad offers that are pay per click, making them very similar to the CPC search engine ads. These ads are great, and can be very effective. If you are pursuing a banner ad, consider using Acira Group to represent you. We can help verify the traffic counts and negotiate a better deal for you.