Dedicated to success.

Acira Group is a team of young dynamic German-American designers and programmers.

We're dedicated to your sucess.

Latest in web.

Acira Group is bringing inovation to the web. We're using the latest technologies to stay cutting-edge. And we're using open source where it counts to keep you independant.

Cloud hosting.

We have experience running cloud. When you need dynamic on-demand clusters, come to us. And when you don't, we'll tell you so you can host your sites and applications where they fit best.

Ignore browser war.

Now you can ignore browser wars. Everything we build is optimized to run in every browser so you don't have to compromize. We'll structure your sites and applications so they run the same in Internet Explorer and iPad.

Catch mobile.

It's time to catch up on the mobile market. We have the tools to help you. We build apps for iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry. We build mobile sites for every smartphone so you can reach everyone, wherever they are.