Solutions - SVN & GIT Repositories

SVN & GIT Repositories

Version control systems are increasingly more popular as teams expand and executives interact with teams around the country and even the world. Acira Group is a leader in repository setup and access, providing both SVN and GIT repository options.

While most version control systems allow team collaboration on projects and file version history, they specialize in different areas. Below are the systems we offer:

SVN (Subversion)


One of the oldest and most popular versioning systems, Subversion allows teams to author and share files, complete with version history.

  • Ideal for small teams
  • Plug and play simplicity
  • Never loose data



The latest technology in file versioning, GIT is a distributed version control system which provides advanced features for large teams. Acira Group is one of the only companies to offer GIT repositories.

  • Ideal for large multi-team applications
  • More advanced controls
  • Faster and more secure